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Sh Mohammed Rashad Tafsira Quran Afaan Oromo

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Published by Bereka in Daawa Afaan Oromo

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  • shureim Added mashalah jk
  • WarriorOfAllah Added Assalam Alaikum, can you please fix the tafsir. Some Surah of the quran tafsir are not working. I try to listen but it wont open. Please fix it. Jazak Allah.
  • yunus Added Jazakallah, gaiatomi (ma)
  • ABDATA Added MAS
  • abdulkadir abdi Added mashallah heddu bareeda rabbi haararmuuf abba keenya rabbin jannatan haa qananisuu wallahi keyri guddo nuf dhisi deeme
  • Omar Added AWWB. Brothers and Sisters there is an app Quran Oromo, the complete work of Sheik Mohammed Rashad for both IOS (iTune store) and Android (Google Play). Keep the good work.
  • Kedir Added AWWB '<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' You did very good job posting the "Mohammed Reshad's" quran tafsir. However the link after certain Sura, it in fast forwarding mode hard to listen. Is there any way adjusting this problem and some sura also not consistent with the number next to the sura. Eg. #10 talking about sura #11. thanks.